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Richmond pokemon go map

What comes next is a whole slew of new games, applications, and services that build on the same idea and take advantage of the new consumer pattern.
Pokemon Go is the most explosive technology launch ever.
For those who have caught on to the Pokemon craze, some of the game play may look a little familiar.
Maybe even more unexpected are the early reports of positive impact on people suffering from autism spectrum disorders.
Technology prognosticators are fans of baseball analogies when it comes to describing how early in a certain techs life cycle we are.It has approximately doubled Nintendos Market Cap to north of 42 billion.There is evidence that the first major deal may be with McDonalds.The last aspect that allowed Pokemon to break out when it did is a shifted cultural relationship with technology.Of course, as they do with any new cultural force, marketers are trying to understand how to leverage the trend.It is the first mainstream mobile experience to fully integrate the real and digital worlds.Some of these experiences are only hinted.In its first seven days, it garnered more tweets than Brexit and about double the number of tweets than Euro 2016.

The company built its audiences of tens of millions by creating customized branded AR experiences for companies like Coca-Cola and Spotify.
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Matt Galligan shares an early prototype for an augmented reality game that his company developed in 2009.
Early reports are suggesting that the game is having significant positive impacts on both physical and mental health.The team at Niantic was the team that founded Google Earth, and as such spent years developing the infrastructure that allows a game on our mobile phones to accurately peg itself to real world locations.Even hoopla around what access Pokemon was giving Niantic to users Google accounts and fear mongering around the safety of kids using the app couldnt stop the rise.While its important to take each of these as what they are - a single data point - there are enough of them across news outlets, Facebook posts, and other places that its worth paying attention.Retailers are buying Lures to bring more Pokemon to their location, which in turn is bringing in more customers.Subscribe Now: Forbes Entrepreneurs Small Business Newsletters.The company is promising a sort of mixed reality experience far beyond anything we have today.