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Poke slang word

poke slang word

"Someone poked someone else" and not "Someone got poked.
Also (1809) the name of a device, like a yoke with a pole, attached to jeux de casino poker gratuit hors ligne domestic animals such as pigs and sheep to keep them from escaping enclosures.
It is the mature leaves, and purple stem and seeds that contain the poisonous sub-stances.
Become a Fried Seafood Believer at South Beach Market Jane Michael SternApril 20, 2014 daily beast And that also allowed me to poke fun at the idea that our mind is somehow better or more us than our body.
Comes in the form of an announcement of itself on your Home page.The 11 Worst Words And Phrases Your Boss Can Say word OF THE DAY motte noun motSEE definition Whats The Difference Between.e.By Maeve Maddox, one of my favorite country expressions is pig in a poke.And Google lied about.In pig in a poke 2, a projecting brim or front of a hat or bonnet; the peak of a cap.The children often poked fun at him because of his stammer.Note : My grandmother, no doubt wearing her poke bonnet, gathered this kind of poke to eat.To put a poke (poke.5 6) on (an animal).Origin of poke ; perhaps shortening of obsolete pocan pokeweed, perhaps variant of puccoon (pokeberries and puccoon roots were both sources of red dye) m Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc.She cooked and ate the leaves and used the red berries to dye clothing.There's a neo-Nazi website that gets a million more visitors a month than we do, due to Google's penalty against this site.

17) noun a jab or prod short for slowpoke informal a blow with one's fist; punch slang sexual intercourse Word Origin for poke C14: from Low German and Middle Dutch poken to thrust, prod, strike noun dialect a pocket or bag a pig.
Children who dont move fast enough for the ones behind them are called slowpokes.
Related content, related words jab, nudge, shove, dig, punch, stab, stick, protrude, prod, peek, pry, drag, blow, hit, bunt, butt, boost, shoulder, project, awaken Nearby words poitou, poitou-charentes, poitrine, poitín, pokal, poke around, poke check, poke fun at, poke one's nose into, pokeberry Idioms poke.poke johnothanTaylor: This.Poke one's nose into, Informal.A Google employee lied about.In" A1400 fig.: to suppress.Bases include sushi rice or greens, and from there customers choose a protein like raw or marinated tuna or salmon.Later (1708) the word is used in the sense "pokeweed as a shortened form of puccoon, from Algonquian (Virginia) *puccoon, name of a plant used for dyeing." Native roots for "smoke" and "stain" have been proposed as the origin or origins.From the 13th century.He poked a stick into the hole; He poked her in the ribs with his elbow.Tanned skin was considered unattractive.Andy Brownfield Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about poke.To thrust oneself obtrusively: to poke into something that is not one's affair.Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.Slang terms with the same meaning Slang terms with the same root words I use it (35) No longer use it (5) Heard it but never used it (30) Have never heard it (20) Average of 33 votes: 61 ( See the most vulgar words.).

N.2 "pokeweed; a weed used in medicine and dyeing colonial American, from native words, possibly a confusion of similar-sounding Native American plant names; from 1630s in English as "tobacco plant short for uppowoc (1580s from Algonquian (Virginia) *uppowoc.
"to push, prod, thrust especially with something pointed,.1300, puken "to poke, nudge of uncertain origin, perhaps from or related to Middle Dutch poken "to poke" (Dutch beuken or Middle Low German poken "to stick with a knife" (cf.