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Linear rail vs v slot

The Blue Line of Boston's mbta uses third rail electrification from the start of the line downtown to Airport station, where it switches to overhead catenary for the remainder of the line to Wonderland.
History edit With surface contact third and fourth rail systems a heavy "shoe" suspended from a wooden beam attached to the bogies collects power by sliding over the top surface of the electric rail.
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The same thing happened to the West Croydon Wimbledon Line in Greater London (originally electrified by the Southern Railway ) when Tramlink was opened in 2000.V-Slot allows bearings and wheels to sit inside the profile, meaning it can also double as linear rail, greatly reducing the cost of parts for motion control.These slot into the grooves in the aluminum, and allow a bolt to tighten up serie loterie against them, like this: They are fairly cheap (12.99/100 although they can sometimes be fiddly to align multiple ones correctly.For the railway employee, see, conductor (rail).In most recent developments, the RandstadRail project also requires Rotterdam Metro trains to run under wires on their way along the former mainline railway to The Hague.What Is Aluminum Extrusion?The older lines in the west of the Oslo T-bane system were built with overhead lines while the eastern lines were built with third rail, although the entire system has since been converted to third rail.

"Investigating the Metro-North Crash".
Bay Area Rapid Transit in and around San Francisco uses 1000.
With its three rail track and AC power implementation.
Next I tried fitting unaltered Weaver Quad-Lock rings on several Weaver brand bases.Trains on some lines or networks use both power supply modes (see Mixed systems below).The main reason for using the fourth rail to carry the return current is to avoid this current flowing through the original metal tunnel linings which were never intended to carry current, and which would suffer electrolytic corrosion should such currents flow in them.I must have 18 sets of Weaver style bases for different guns and another dozen sets of Weaver style rings plus six sets of tipoff 22 rings.The position of contact between the train and the rail varies: some of the earliest systems used top contact, but later developments use side or bottom contact, which enabled the conductor rail to be covered, protecting track workers from accidental contact and protecting the conductor.4 Weather effects edit Third rail systems using top contact are prone to accumulations of snow, or ice formed from refrozen snow, and this can interrupt operations.Also, if you are mixing and matching parts, you may need to change or adapt your design, and have to purchase more lengths of one or the other extrusion.Patent 687,098, covering various proposed improvements to third rail systems.

T-Slot, there are many different shapes of extrusion available.
Russia and former SU edit In all the subways of post-Soviet countries, the contact rail is made to the same standard.