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Aim of planning poker

aim of planning poker

Like the jus d orange casino Planning Game, Planning Poker is not really a game Simply a way of using game-like activities to perform some of the tasks of agile planning One significant difference is that in Planning Poker there are additional pieces the cards used to estimate stories.
You then agree as a team that for this sprint you'll aim to get done the 13 point story, one 8 point story plus the 1 point url change you had already identified.
Associate Professor David Parsons Massey University David Parsons - Massey University.
The next story to be estimated is aggregating a set of user data and visualising that on the front end.
The customer reads a story There is a discussion clarifying the story as necessary Each programmer selects their chosen estimate card (Or writes their estimate on a note card, if no pre- printed pack is available) No discussion of estimates takes place at this stage.I think Frank's and Encaita's answers pretty much covers it but there are some additional things to consider: Why use story points, the aim of estimating with story points is to give the relative complexity of developing features for your application.So in this example the average is (222718) /.3 so round it to the nearest on the Fibo scale which.So you all agree that it's a 34 point story.Take an example of the team I'm working with right now.

There's not enough discussion up front and each team member only saw their own task.
To get the velocity take the average of the previous sprints.
As well as the estimation number cards, some packs have additional cards dont know discuss coffee time etc.
Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.
Moløkken-Østvold and Haugen (2007) identified some measurable and potential benefits Haugen (2006) claimed that it improved estimation in most cases, but that it increased estimation error in the extreme cases David Parsons - Massey University.Once you have an understanding of velocity you can measure your deliverables in time because you know what you can get done in each sprint.g.So a total of 22 points.Maximum story size is under 2 weeks if you estimate that a story is longer than 2 weeks, play the infinity card and make the customer split the story David Parsons - Massey University.When I joined they were doing all the sprint meetings and planning poker but during the sprint the process was.The next sprint you get 27 points done, the following sprint you get 18 points done.Your scrum master and product owners should be having estimation sessions to look ahead to future sprints then you can get an indicator of how much work you'll get done in the coming few months.

Don't get hung up on getting your story point estimate exactly right - it's not an exact science.