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Know my story bingo перевод

At last not once or twice, but a dozen times a day he went out and drove the cow home to the stable.
Early on the day of the Fair I drove the cow to the prairie.
"A wolf!" I cried, and seizing a gun, ran out to help the dog.
He became very fond of doing this, and nothing pleased him more than an order to go and fetch the cow.
And he gave her no peace until she was safe in a corner of the stable.I learned about this wonderful dog from his master, and wanted to buy him at any price, but the reply of his owner was: "Why don't you try to buy one of the children?" So I could do nothing.T was early in November and the Canadian winter was already here.The rest of that winter Bingo spent in our shanty, eating much and growing bigger each day.When the dog saw that his enemy was dead, he at once set out for livre de poker pas cher his master's house four miles across the snow.But he told fort road bingo pots me to wait until there was a puppy, the collie's son, and I had to be satisfied with that.The wolf turned to attack (lie dog, and the dog, our neighbour's collie, ran about, trying to bite the wolf.

I named him Bingo, the name of a dog in an old English story.
Suddenly a large gray animal dashed across the prairie into the cowshed, and a smaller black and white animal ran after.
He would dash away, barking with pleasure.
Again the wolf turned, ready to fight.The cattle belonged to me, and the horses, to my brother, and though I did not see my dog often now, yet both of us felt that the bond between man and dog is one that lasts as long as life.As he ran, he left a trail of blood on the snow from his many wounds, but he did not stop.The cow grew thin and gave less milk.I fired a few shots, which did not hit the wolf, and both animals dashed off across the prairie again.I sat in my chair, just after breakfast, and looked through the one window of our shanty, from which I could see the prairie and the end of our cowshed.II, i looked at my new puppy, a ball of black fur with a very white ring round his muzzle.When the spring came, I began his education.The dog, now seeing that he had help, seized the wolf by the throat, and did not let.

This scene was repealed many times.